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Suffer from hearing loss?

What should I do if I suspect I suffer from hearing loss?

Seek a professional evaluation and opinion regarding the hearing loss from a licensed audiologist.

Be sure to work closely with the audiologist to learn all that you can about your loss. Invite the family to join in so that they too can learn more about what you are experiencing.

Work with the audiologist to set realistic expectations for improvement. Learn to know and accept the things you can not change, and with the help of your audiologist, your family and friends strive to change / improve in all the areas that are possible.

Give serious consideration to any recommendations regarding amplification (hearing instruments), and make sure you have a trial use of the hearing instruments with the option of returning them if dissatisfied with the benefit.

If hearing instruments are used, follow the recommendations of your audiologist regarding proper use and care of the devices.

Ask your audiologist about the availability of aural rehabilitation training/classes in your area.

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