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Ask the Audiologist: What should I do to find out exactly how I am hearing?


I suspect that my hearing may not be as good as it once was. What should I do to find out exactly how I am hearing?


Many of our patient's feel that they can still hear fairly well, but are shocked when they learn that they are only hearing a portion of the pitch range necessary for effective communication. Hearing loss typically occurs gradually over time, and often times individuals are not aware that these changes have occurred. It is common for family members, friends, or significant others to be the first to detect or suspect a hearing loss, as they are typically the ones who are having to speak louder or repeat themselves to be heard.

Early signs of hearing loss include:

1. Hearing that someone is speaking,but having trouble understanding exactly what they said or mishearing what was said.

2. Difficulty understanding speech where background noise is present, or with multiple people speaking at the same time.

3. Not catching what is said the first time and needing others to repeat what they said.

4. Turning the TV or radio volume louder than others prefer.

5. More difficulty hearing children and women than men

6. Difficulty hearing people that speak softly.

7. Having trouble localizing where you hear sound coming from.

8. Ringing in the ear(s) when no external sound is present.

If any of the above signs of hearing loss describe difficulty that you or someone that you know is having, it is important to have your hearing thoroughly evaluated. An audiologist has the professional training and experience in accessing the function of the auditory system, and will be able to assist you in evaluating your hearing. 

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