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Can I get by with only one hearing aid? The short answer is “NO”. If you have two ears with a hearing loss in each ear, a pair of hearing aids is recommended in most cases. Although there are exceptions, most people will do better with sound coming into both ears. Just as it it better to see with both eyes, it is also better to hear with both ears. Nature shows us how important two ears are for their very survival. Without two ears working effectively, an animal could not locate danger (localize the sound source) and could not effectively hunt prey. The same comparisons can be made for the human species. Most importantly, two ears send separate input to each side of the brain which actually helps to sort out and process speech- especially in the presence of background noise.   If you talk to anyone who has lost the hearing in one ear (unilateral hearing loss or single-sided deafness)  they will tell you how hard it is to get by with only one ear.   To further illistrate this point, children with a unilatral loss of hearing have a 50% greater chance of failing a grade or needing special services in school.   The best way to know where you stand with your hearing is to be evaluated by an audiologist. Call today for an appointment!
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